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Lahore: Wednesday, July 20, 2023. The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (CBD Punjab) has taken a remarkable step towards progress by organizing a public hearing session to seek environmental approval for the much-awaited Walton Road upgradation project. The aim of this session was to foster transparency and gather valuable feedback from stakeholders, reflecting CBD Punjab’s commitment to environmentally responsible development.

The public hearing session witnessed the participation of key stakeholders, including representatives from the Technical Directorate of CBD Punjab, the Environment Protection Agency Punjab (EPA), Walton Cantonment Board (WCB), local residents, and community representatives from Walton Road. CBD Punjab’s technical team presented the project’s vision, highlighting its core focus on addressing the longstanding sewage and drainage issues that have plagued Walton Road for years.

Walton Road upgradation

The Walton Road upgradation project is designed to implement an eco-friendly sewage system. By diverting sewage away from ADA Nullah, CBD Punjab aims to establish a dedicated sewage line from Walton Road to Hadyara Drain. This strategic move will ensure that ADA Nullah is solely utilized for rainwater, reducing contamination risks. Moreover, the project will involve a revamp of Walton Road, incorporating well-designed protected U-turns, underpasses, and overhead bridges. Additionally, the initiative places a strong emphasis on creating green spaces and planting trees to enhance the overall environment. These improvements expected to result in better traffic management, reduced congestion, and a cleaner, safer living environment for the community.

During the session, Brigadier (R) Mansoor Janjua, COO of CBD Punjab, expressed the authority’s determination to resolve longstanding issues faced by Walton Road’s residents. He stressed the importance of creating a modern and sustainable environment that prioritizes the well-being of the community.

Riaz Hussain, Executive Director Technical CBD Punjab, assured the attendees that the authority would employ all available resources to ensure the timely completion of the project without any compromises on quality or environmental considerations.

Local residents of Walton Road passionately voiced their concerns about the recurrent flooding and the mixing of sewage water with drinking water during heavy rainfall, causing severe health problems. They also highlighted the damage caused to the surrounding areas due to overflowing sewage water. Residents eagerly anticipate the resolution of the ADA Nullah issue, which will significantly improve their quality of life. The project promises to tackle health and environmental issues while facilitating smoother traffic flow and reducing congestion.

The people living in the vicinity of Walton Road have placed their trust in CBD Punjab’s ability to address these persistent issues effectively. CBD Punjab has dedicated to ensuring the successful completion of the Walton Road upgradation project, creating a positive change and significantly improved living conditions for the area.

Through its transparent and environmentally conscious approach, CBD Punjab is setting a noteworthy example for responsible urban development that prioritizes the well-being of both the community and the environment. The Walton Road upgradation project represents a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future for Lahore.

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