Ufone 4G brings amazing Independence Day Cashback Offer via easypaisa

Ufone 4G brings amazing Independence Day Cashback Offer via easypaisa

Pakistani telecom company, Ufone 4G has introduced an amazing cashback offer for its customers on key bundle subscriptions via easypaisa, to celebrate the spirit of freedom this Independence Day i.e. 14th of August, 2023. Ufone 4G users can get 14% cashback, amounting up to Rs.200 per bundle to freely engage in the national day festivity with seamless voice and data connectivity.

The 14% cashback offer will be available on selective bundles, including Digital Grand Offer, Weekly Digital Offer, Social Hero and UPower 150 where customers can pick any bundle from 10GBs to 100GBs to enjoy Ufone 4G’s quality connectivity. Apart from providing the best value for money, the offer will bring much-needed ease and convenience to users during the holiday.

The snapshot below shows how much difference the offer makes against each bundle.


Offers Current Price New Price %
UPower 150 150 129 -14%
Social Hero 245 210 -14%
Weekly Digital Offer 430 370 -14%
Digital Grand Offer 1400 1200 -14%

Being a customer-centric telecom brand, Ufone 4G continuously introduces discounted offers and cashback to facilitate and help enhance the user experience of its customers. The company goes beyond its obligations to ensure that its customers get full value for money and an unbeatable user experience at all times. That is why, Ufone 4G’s discount, cashback and value packages are accessible via all traditional and digital platforms nationwide. Ufone 4G users may avail of the cashback offer on easypaisa app through self-subscription only. 

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