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vivo Unveils Major Optics, Computing, and Algorithm Technologies at vivo 2023 Imaging Conference


vivo recently unveiled a state-of-the-art 6nm customized V3 chip and the latest algorithm technology at the Special event of the 2023 vivo Imaging Conference in Xining, China. The event showcased various imaging technology innovations and revealed a periscope lens with the new “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standards developed in partnership with ZEISS.

At a time when everyone can be a creator, vivo has been dedicated to providing exceptional user experience with innovative mobile imaging technology. From industry-outstanding imaging chips and algorithms to expanding technological boundaries in partnership with other industry leaders, vivo continues to boost its image technology strengths and improve the user experience in any scenario.

“At vivo 2023, we are committed to advancing ‘human-centric professional imaging. To this end, we continuously enhance our expertise across optics, computing, and algorithm foundations to build imaging capabilities comparable to professional photography equipment. We aim to deliver the user experience of recreating what the human eye can see and make professional-grade imaging capabilities more accessible for everyone. In the future, vivo will stay committed to creating the best imaging technology and help users record life’s most precious moments,” said Mr. Yu Meng, Vice President of vivo Imaging.

Unveiling the latest V3 chip and algorithm technology

The latest V3 chip from the brand embraces a cutting-edge 6nm process, featuring a newly developed multi-concurrent AI-ISP architecture and second-generation Frame Info Tunneling (FIT) technology. This technological advancement revolutionizes the user experience, providing exceptional capabilities like 4K cinema-style bokeh, automatic subject focus detection and switching, cinema-like skin optimization, and cinematic color processing. As a result, vivo proudly stands as the pioneering Android phone manufacturer to offer 4K cinema-quality portrait video, complete with post-processing functions.

Alongside the V3 chip launch, vivo introduced the vivo Origin Imaging Engine (VOIE) – a composite algorithm matrix solution. VOIE elevates image quality, color, tone, and computing capabilities through advanced algorithms in three sub-modules: Color Restoration Engine, Ultra HD Engine, and Accelerated Computing Engine. vivo also developed the Hyper-Sense Portrait System and Vast-Sky Night System based on the common portrait and night scene user scenarios.

Building a prosperous image ecosystem with joint innovation

At the event, vivo and ZEISS unveiled a remarkable periscope lens design, adhering to the new “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standards. The first-ever introduction of APO design to a mobile imaging system has elevated the zoom performance and set a new benchmark for controlling chromatic aberration.

The co-engineered rear camera system in the vivo’s X series has achieved compliance with ZEISS T* Coating, the signature technology for anti-reflective coating on optical surfaces by ZEISS, and reduced significantly unwanted lens flares in images under challenging lighting conditions such as nighttime, strong backlighting, and complex light sources.

Creating professional portraits and the ultimate night scene experiences

vivo has formed a unique portrait style that blends clear texture, natural skin tones, and a balance of real and virtual effects across device iterations. Emphasizing continuous innovation, the brand delves into 3D portrait technology, encompassing 3D facial reconstruction and virtual content development.

Relying on its imaging laboratory platform to establish a 3D image laboratory with a proprietary cinema-like optical field system capable of reconstructing extremely delicate 3D models of human faces and producing highly realistic visual effects in virtual environments, the company’s 3D models achieve precise facial expressions, body postures and gestures.

The technologies that have developed with three user scenarios in mind: generative portrait style, generative portrait editing, and various portrait special effects, enable users to take photos that perfectly balance real and virtual effects, edit photos powered by texture reconstruction and lighting estimation algorithms and freely change the lighting, hair and facial expressions.

vivo 2023 has also introduced enhancements to its technical capabilities in image quality, tone, and color for landscape shooting. The upgraded Vast-Sky Night System has designed to improve image quality and supply the most advanced quality solution for night scenes at all focal lengths. Furthermore, the upgraded SuperRAW technology offers exclusive parameter adjustment capabilities, meeting professional imaging requirements for all focal lengths.

Based on VOIE, vivo has also introduced a True Color Night model powered by AI learning to the Night Sky Imaging System that enables adaptive tone and color adjustments for night scenes and night scenes with high contrast. The new XDR Photo 2.0 adds a highlight color preservation mechanism for light sources with high dynamic range and saturation at night.

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