TECNO Pakistan launches its first physical store in Pakistan

TECNO Pakistan launches its first physical store in Pakistan

TECNO, the leading smartphone brand, has recently opened its first exclusive physical store in Pakistan. The grand inauguration took place at Hafeez Centre in Lahore on Thursday, December 21st.


In the past, TECNO set up various pop-up stores to provide individuals with a firsthand experience of their products. However, the inauguration of their official physical TECNO shop marks a significant leap towards ensuring a secure purchasing experience and customer satisfaction.


An official physical store, in addition to online outlets, is crucial for a Smartphone brand. It provides customers with a hands-on experience, serving as a trustworthy point of contact, addressing queries in real-time, and ultimately contributing to higher customer engagement and loyalty. It offers a secure avenue for transactions, catering to those hesitant about online purchases. Moreover, a physical store enhances local visibility, credibility, and community engagement, creating a well-rounded brand experience.


This is just the beginning. TECNO Pakistan has exciting plans to expand its presence by launching more exclusive physical stores in various major cities across Pakistan. Stay tuned for more!

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