Arshad Nadeem Resumes Training With Paris Olympics in His Sights After Successful Surgery

Arshad Nadeem Resumes Training With Paris Olympics in His Sights After Successful Surgery

Pakistan’s elite javelin thrower, Arshad Nadeem, has embarked on his training journey following a knee surgery in the United Kingdom. With his sights firmly set on the upcoming Paris Olympics scheduled for July-August, Arshad is determined to make a triumphant comeback.

Arshad underwent surgery in the third week of February 2024 to address a chronic injury that had previously ruled him out of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. The Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) and Arshad’s coach have been closely monitoring his recovery, with the hope that he regains prime fitness ahead of the prestigious sporting event.

In October 2023, the federation sought expert advice on Arshad’s injury by forwarding his medical reports to London-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ali Sher Bajwa. The decision to undergo surgery was a crucial step in ensuring Arshad’s readiness for the upcoming Olympics.

Major General (retired) Mohammad Akram Sahi, the chairperson of AFP, shared that if Arshad Nadeem successfully regains his optimal fitness, plans are in place to send him abroad for specialized training. This approach mirrors the strategy employed by Arshad’s main rival, Neeraj Chopra, who underwent training overseas before clinching the Gold Medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Despite facing challenges in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where he secured the 5th position, Arshad Nadeem remains determined to achieve a significant improvement in performance. Coach Salman Butt expressed unwavering commitment, stating, “We will make every effort to ensure he is in prime condition for the Paris Olympics.” The collective focus is on meticulous preparation to enhance Arshad’s chances of success on the global stage.


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