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Telecom Sector’s Vital Role in Pakistan’s Economic Development: Insights from Minister of State for IT Shiza Fatima Khawaja

In a recent meeting between President and Group CEO of PTCL, Hatem Bamatraf, and Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, Shiza Fatima Khawaja, the pivotal role of the telecom sector in Pakistan’s economic growth was underscored. Let’s delve into the key discussions and insights shared during this significant encounter.

Meeting with PTCL President:

President PTCL, Hatem Bamatraf, recently met with Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, Shiza Fatima Khawaja, to discuss crucial matters pertaining to the telecom sector. The meeting, held at the minister’s office, delved into topics such as 5G rollout, Right of Way (RoW), and fiberization.

Telecom Sector’s Economic Significance:

Minister Shiza Fatima Khawaja reiterated the vital role of the telecom sector in driving Pakistan’s economic development. She emphasized the urgency in addressing matters related to 5G implementation, Right of Way, and other regulatory aspects to ensure swift progress in this sector.

Bilateral Stability with UAE:

During the meeting, Hatem Bamatraf expressed UAE’s keen interest in fostering bilateral stability with Pakistan, particularly in the realm of telecom and IT cooperation.

Meeting with HEC Chairman:

In a separate meeting, Minister Shiza Fatima Khawaja engaged with Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, to discuss initiatives aimed at nurturing IT graduates, promoting startups, and enhancing youth capacity-building.

Industry-Academia Collaboration:

Minister Khawaja stressed the significance of fostering strong ties between industry and academia to bridge the demand-supply gap in the IT sector. She highlighted the importance of initiatives aimed at equipping Pakistani youth with the requisite skills to thrive in the global IT landscape.

Empowering Pakistani Youth:

Emphasizing the immense talent pool present in Pakistan’s youth, Minister Shiza Fatima Khawaja reiterated the need for robust capacity-building initiatives to harness their potential effectively. She pledged to address any obstacles hindering the nation’s development trajectory.


The meetings between Minister Shiza Fatima Khawaja and key stakeholders underscored the critical importance of the telecom sector in driving Pakistan’s economic growth. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, Pakistan aims to empower its youth and leverage their skills to propel the nation towards prosperity and development.


The meetings were also attended by Additional Secretary, MoITT Aisha Humera Moriani, Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, and officers of the Ministry, further emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for the telecom and IT sectors.

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