PM Shehbaz Appoints Tania Aidrus to Spearhead ‘Digital Nation Pakistan Initiative’

PM Shehbaz Appoints Tania Aidrus to Spearhead ‘Digital Nation Pakistan Initiative’

In a significant move towards advancing Pakistan’s digital landscape, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has taken a decisive step by constituting an interim Digital Committee for the Digital Nation Pakistan initiative. This development, unveiled on Wednesday, marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s journey towards technological modernization.

According to a notification dated April 17, issued by the Federal Ministry for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Tania S. Aidrus, a seasoned digital expert, has been appointed as the convener of the interim Digital Committee. Notably, this decision has been made with the explicit approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, underscoring the government’s commitment to embracing digital transformation.

The notification further outlines the composition of the committee, with the State Minister of IT & Telecom designated as the Chair, and Tania S. Aidrus assuming the role of convener. Accompanying them are esteemed members including the Secretary of IT & Telecom, Dr. Sohail Munir, Salman Ahmed, Muhammad Ali Raza, and a member Co-opted by the Chair. This diverse assembly of professionals reflects a comprehensive approach towards achieving the objectives set forth by the Digital Nation Pakistan initiative.

At the core of the committee’s mandate lies the imperative to provide transitional leadership and lay the foundational framework for the formal establishment of the National Digital Commission (NDC) and Pakistan Digital Authority (PDA). As articulated in the notification, the committee is tasked with formulating recommendations to propel the government’s digital vision forward, thereby ensuring that Pakistan remains at the forefront of technological innovation and development.

Tania S. Aidrus’ appointment as the convener of this pivotal committee underscores her profound expertise and unwavering commitment to advancing Pakistan’s digital agenda. Her prior experience as the Head of PM Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan Initiative positions her as a formidable leader poised to steer the Digital Nation Pakistan initiative towards success. Despite facing challenges and criticism in the past, Tania’s reappointment to this critical role signifies a vote of confidence in her capabilities and dedication to the cause of digital empowerment.

Notably, Tania Aidrus had previously resigned from her position as Head of PM Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan Initiative on June 29, 2020, amidst scrutiny and controversy surrounding her dual nationality. However, her return to the forefront of Pakistan’s digital landscape underscores a renewed commitment to harnessing her expertise for the nation’s benefit.

Speaking on the significance of this development, a senior official of the ministry highlighted the continuity from the previous administration’s efforts towards Digital Pakistan. Drawing parallels with initiatives undertaken during former premier Imran Khan’s tenure, the formation of this committee signifies a strategic continuation of efforts aimed at digital transformation.

Sources within the government revealed that Tania Aidrus‘ reappointment to a key position in the digital realm was facilitated by the recommendation of Jahangir Tareen. However, her previous departure from office amidst opposition pressure and concerns regarding her foreign passport underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in navigating Pakistan’s political landscape.

As Pakistan embarks on this transformative journey towards becoming a Digital Nation, the appointment of Tania S. Aidrus as the convener of the interim Digital Committee marks a significant stride forward. With her leadership at the helm, coupled with the collective expertise of the committee members, Pakistan is poised to realize its digital potential and emerge as a global leader in the digital arena.

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