Pakistan Telecom Authority to Impose New Fee on Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Pakistan Telecom Authority to Impose New Fee on Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Zubair Kasuri: In a move aimed at boosting revenue, the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has decided to impose a new fee on all mobile phone companies manufacturing devices in the country.

According to sources, the PTA has informed mobile phone manufacturers that it will charge Rs 120 for each mobile phone produced in Pakistan, pertaining to type approval and Certificate of Compliance (COC) letter. This fee is expected to generate significant revenue for the PTA.

The decision was made after a detailed meeting between the PTA and mobile phone manufacturers. While the PTA justifies the increase by stating that it will raise the cost of mobile phones for the public, industry experts have expressed concerns.

“The additional Rs 120 fee is unfair to consumers, especially considering that over 30 lakh mobile phones are being produced in Pakistan currently,” said a senior official from the mobile phone manufacturers association. “Instead of introducing a new fee structure, the PTA could explore alternative revenue streams, such as license and type approval fees.”

The move is likely to impact the prices of mobile phones in the country, making them more expensive for consumers. The PTA has not yet announced when the new fee will come into effect.

It remains to be seen how mobile phone manufacturers and consumers will respond to this new development.

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