Techno Mobile Phone Announces Disassociation from

Techno Mobile Phone Announces Disassociation from

Islamabad, Zubair Kasuri – Techno Mobile Phone, a renowned Chinese mobile phone company, has issued a statement announcing its disassociation from, a Pakistani e-commerce platform. The company has clarified that is not an official partner of Techno Mobile Phone and any mobile phones purchased through the application will not be eligible for warranty.

The statement further warns that any mobile phone dealer or distributor found selling Techno Mobile Phones through will have their dealership canceled. The company has urged customers to purchase its products from authorized dealers and distributors to ensure warranty and after-sales support.

This move by Techno Mobile Phone is seen as a significant blow to, which has been facing criticism for its business practices. The e-commerce platform has been accused of violating the policies of several mobile phone companies, including Techno Mobile Phone.”

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