Petitioner Seeks Justice Against Police Official for Alleged Misconduct in Islamabad High Court

Petitioner Seeks Justice Against Police Official for Alleged Misconduct in Islamabad High Court

*Islamabad, June 22, 2024* — Sajjad Nadeem Hashmi, a prominent corporate executive, has filed a writ petition in the Islamabad High Court against Hafeez Ur Rehman Bugti, a senior police official currently serving as Superintendent of Police (SP) in Gadap Town, Karachi. The petition, lodged under Article 199 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, highlights a series of alleged abuses of power and misconduct by Bugti, seeking the court’s intervention to ensure accountability and justice.

Background of the Case

Hashmi, a law-abiding citizen with 25 years of corporate experience, has accused Bugti of a range of criminal activities, including abduction, theft, threats, and torture. The petitioner recounts a harrowing experience beginning on April 18, 2024, when he and a friend were allegedly abducted by police officers acting on Bugti’s orders. Hashmi was subsequently implicated in a false FIR (No. 971/2022), which was later deemed bogus and canceled by the Judicial Magistrate, Lahore, on September 29, 2022.

Initial Complaints and Inaction

Following the incident, Hashmi lodged multiple complaints with the Establishment Division, the human resource division responsible for civil servants, and other relevant authorities. Despite these efforts, and despite a departmental inquiry by the Punjab Police that found Bugti guilty of misconduct, the Establishment Division has not taken decisive action. Bugti remains in his post, continuing to exercise his authority.

Court Orders and Disciplinary Proceedings

The petition details a prolonged legal battle, including three favorable court orders and a departmental inquiry report from the Punjab Police. These reports and orders, which include directives from the Lahore High Court’s Divisional Bench, culminated in the registration of FIR 1185/24 against Bugti and his subordinates on May 14, 2024. Despite these developments, the Establishment Division has yet to suspend Bugti or finalize disciplinary proceedings against him, leaving the petitioner and his family vulnerable to further threats and harassment.

Petitioner’s Plea to the Court

Hashmi’s legal team, led by Qaiser Imam, argues that the continued inaction by the Establishment Division violates Hashmi’s constitutional rights, specifically his right to a fair investigation and protection from misuse of power. The petition calls for the immediate suspension of Bugti to prevent him from influencing the ongoing investigation related to FIR 1185/24. It also requests the court to direct the Establishment Division to conclude the disciplinary proceedings promptly and share the outcome with the petitioner.

Grounds for the Petition

The petition is based on several key grounds:

1. *Violation of Constitutional Rights*: The petitioner invokes Article 199 of the Constitution, which empowers the court to direct government officials to perform their duties in accordance with the law.

2. *Lack of Response from Authorities*: Despite multiple communications, the Establishment Division has not responded to the petitioner’s queries about the status of the disciplinary proceedings.

3. *Threats and Safety Concerns*: Bugti’s continued presence in his official capacity poses ongoing threats to Hashmi and his family, undermining the integrity of the criminal investigation against him.

4. *Public Interest and Rule of Law*: The petition emphasizes the need for accountability in public office and the importance of upholding the rule of law to prevent abuse of power.

Prayer for Relief

Hashmi requests the Islamabad High Court to:
– Direct the Establishment Division to suspend Bugti immediately to ensure a fair investigation into FIR 1185/24.
– Expedite the finalization of the disciplinary proceedings against Bugti, considering the new developments and evidence presented.
– Provide any other relief deemed appropriate by the court to protect the petitioner’s rights and ensure justice.


This case underscores significant concerns about accountability within the police force and the mechanisms for addressing misconduct by public officials. The Islamabad High Court’s decision in this matter will be closely watched, as it holds implications for the enforcement of civil service rules and the protection of citizens’ rights against abuses of power.

The hearing is expected to take place soon, with Hashmi and his legal team hopeful that the judicial system will uphold his rights and deliver a just resolution.

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