Stay Connected with Zong Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer on Your Hajj Journey

Stay Connected with Zong Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer on Your Hajj Journey

As you embark on your Hajj pilgrimage, staying connected with loved ones is crucial. Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading mobile and digital services provider, offers a specially tailored International Roaming (IR) hybrid bundle for travelers to Saudi Arabia, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your journey.

Saudi Arabia IR Hybrid Bundle

The Saudi Arabia IR hybrid bundle provides a comprehensive package designed to meet your communication needs during Hajj:

Feature Details
Data 1GB
Talk Time 70 minutes
Validity 90 days
Price PKR 1,499 + tax
Activation Dial *4255# or visit Zong online shop
Availability My Zong App

This bundle offers 1GB of data and 70 minutes of talk time, valid for 90 days, at an affordable price of PKR 1,499 + tax. You can easily activate the offer by dialing *4255# or visiting the Zong online shop. Additionally, the Saudi Arabia IR data bundle is available through the My Zong App, providing convenience and flexibility.

How to Activate the Bundle

Why Choose Zong 4G?

Zong 4G is at the forefront of Pakistan’s digital transformation, pioneering the country’s 4G services and achieving the first successful 5G test. With a wide array of prepaid and postpaid roaming plans, Zong ensures you stay connected not only in Saudi Arabia but also in Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and many more countries.

Benefits of Zong’s International Roaming

  • Reliable Connectivity: High-speed internet and clear voice calls.
  • Wide Coverage: Extensive network coverage in multiple countries.
  • Affordable Plans: Cost-effective roaming solutions tailored for travelers.
  • Convenience: Easy activation and management via the My Zong App.

As you prepare for your sacred journey, trust Zong 4G to keep you connected every step of the way. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on your pilgrimage, knowing that Zong has you covered with reliable and affordable roaming services.

For more information and to explore additional roaming plans, visit the Zong website.

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