Government Appoints 47 Prominent Business Figures as Ambassadors at Large

Government Appoints 47 Prominent Business Figures as Ambassadors at Large

Islamabad, Zubair kasuri: The Government of Pakistan has appointed 47 prominent business figures as Ambassadors at Large and announced the issuance of official/gratis passports to these distinguished individuals. This decision follows the authorization from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as stated in their letter dated April 9, 2024, which recognizes these compliant taxpayers for their contributions.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved the issuance of these passports to the following individuals:

1. Mr. Shahzad Saleem
2. Mr. Asghar Ali
3. Syed Asad Hussain Zaidi
4. Mr. Muhammad Maqsood
5. Mr. Jehanzaib
6. Mian Umer Mansha
7. Mr. Murtaza Ahmed
8. Mr. Shahid Rathore
9. Mr. Asif Peer
10. Mr. Wasif Sattar
11. Mr. Waseem Ahmed
12. Mr. Nadeem Ahmed
13. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan
14. Mr. Abubakar Hanif
15. Mr. Naveed Amer
16. Mr. Hasan Saleem
17. Mr. Abdul Rehman
18. Mr. Ali Asrar Hussain Agha
19. Ch. Muhammad Abdullah
20. Mr. Asif Jooma
21. Mr. Mian Dad
22. Mr. Mujtaba
23. Mr. Mohsin Aziz
24. Mr. Faisal Garib
25. Mr. Ahmed Muhammad
26. Ms. Hira Butt
27. Ms. Huma Arshad
28. Ch. Saif Javed
29. Ms. Salma Sultana
30. Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Mahjoob
31. Mr. Zahid Garib
32. Mr. Mustafa Bin Talha
33. Mr. Daniel Ahmed
34. Mr. Ahmed Ashraf Mukaty
35. Mr. Rehman Naseem
36. Mr. Misbah Burney
37. Mr. Umar Ur Rehman Butt
38. Mr. Khalid Mahmood
39. Syed Muhammad Taha
40. Mr. Nadeem Akhtar
41. Mian Mohammad Mansha
42. Mr. Nazimuddin Feroz
43. Mr. Imtiaz Hussain
44. Mr. Jarrar Hussain Awan
45. Mr. Tauseef Nawaz
46. Mr. Khalid Yousuf
47. Mirza Javaid Iqbal
48. Mr. Ali Zafar Naqvi

These passports will be valid for two years. The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports has instructed the zonal heads in Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, and Lahore to expedite the issuance process.

This initiative aims to recognize and encourage the efforts of compliant taxpayers who have shown exceptional dedication and service. The government hopes that by acknowledging these individuals, it will inspire others to follow suit in contributing positively to the nation’s development.

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