Mobilink Bank Leads the Way in Sustainable Banking with Comprehensive ESG Leadership Training

Mobilink Bank Leads the Way in Sustainable Banking with Comprehensive ESG Leadership Training

Islamabad, July 02, 2024 — Mobilink Bank, Pakistan’s premier digital microfinance institution and a member of the VEON group, today celebrates a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainable practices. The Bank has proudly completed an advanced training program on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, tailored specifically for its leadership team. This initiative, conducted in Islamabad by renowned environmental consultancy Zero Point Partners, underscores Mobilink Bank’s dedication to integrating ESG principles into the heart of its operations.

The training, led by Maha Qasim, founder and CEO of Zero Point Partners, and Aliza Aijaz, Senior Associate, focused on equipping Mobilink’s top executives with the necessary tools to foster a robust ESG framework. The program covered essential topics such as developing GHG emissions inventories, setting net-zero targets, planning for decarbonization, assessing impacts, ESG reporting, and gender mainstreaming in financial strategies.

Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, Interim CEO of Mobilink Bank, stated, “Adopting a solid foundation in ESG principles is crucial not only for the future of digital and financial landscapes but also reflects our core values of responsibility and sustainable growth. Our ‘Change to Sustain’ program is particularly aimed at empowering vulnerable communities, including women, farmers, and small businesses, with access to clean energy, thereby enhancing their resilience against climate challenges.”

Aamir Ibrahim, Chairman of Mobilink Bank, emphasized the Bank’s strategic focus on sustainable technology and energy efficiency. “Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and energy efficiency is unwavering. We are proactively engaging in gender-intentional green financing, with a current focus on solar-powered agricultural solutions. Our aim is to escalate this initiative, expanding our solar financing portfolio from PKR 1.7 billion to PKR 2.5 billion by the end of 2024, thereby making a substantial impact on the community and environment.”

Romina Khurshid Alam, Coordinator to the Prime Minister on Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, commended the Bank’s efforts: “Mobilink Bank’s strategic alignment with national sustainability goals highlights their leadership in environmental responsibility and social impact. Strong ESG practices are essential for the sustainable success of any organization and are vital for the long-term prosperity of our nation.”

Mobilink Bank continues to be at the forefront of sustainable banking, with its comprehensive approach to ESG principles demonstrating a clear path toward a more resilient and equitable future.

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