News Story: Railway Schools Shine with Outstanding Matric Results

News Story: Railway Schools Shine with Outstanding Matric Results

*Lahore, July 11, 2024* – The matriculation results for 2024 have brought remarkable achievements for Railway-managed schools, as announced by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore on July 10, 2024. With an impressive pass percentage of 95%, these schools have significantly outperformed the overall board result, which stands at 69%.

A detailed summary of the results reveals that a substantial number of students from Railway-managed schools have secured top grades, including A+, A, and B. This achievement highlights the dedication and hard work of both students and educators within the Railway Education Department.

Rubina Nasir, Director General of Education, emphasized the importance of this accomplishment in a letter addressed to the Director General of Public Relations, Pakistan Railways, Headquarter Office, Lahore. She requested that these stellar results be publicized through print and electronic media channels to showcase the success and efforts of the Railway Education Department.

“The exceptional performance of our students in the matriculation exams is a testament to the quality of education and the commitment of our teachers and staff. We are proud of their achievements and believe this recognition will inspire further excellence,” said Nasir.

The Railway Education Department’s consistent efforts to provide quality education are clearly reflected in these outstanding results. By securing a 95% pass rate, Railway-managed schools have set a high standard and demonstrated their ability to foster academic excellence.

The publication of these results aims to not only celebrate the success of the students but also to encourage and motivate future students to strive for academic excellence. The Railway Education Department looks forward to continuing its mission of providing top-tier education and achieving even greater milestones in the years to come.

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