Pakistan the hub of tech talent; ACCA leads in developing 100,000 SAP professionals

Pakistan the hub of tech talent; ACCA leads in developing 100,000 SAP professionals

Pakistan The  hub of tech talent; ACCA leads in developing 100,000 SAP professionals


(LAHORE: May 25, 2018) – ACCA and Excellence Delivered (ExD) the only Platinum Partner of SAP in Pakistan launched the initiative to develop 100,000 SAP professionals in the next three years in Pakistan. This event took place at the Board of Investment (BOI) office in Islamabad in the presence of dignitaries from BOI and SAP regional management.

ACCA and ExDhave collaborated to train SAP professionals setting a target that Pakistan should be able to deliver on the ‘export of services’ opportunity. Both the entities believe that the main drivers of change that can create an economic impact include exporting services and professional and technical expertise.

Naeem Zamindar, Minister of State and Chairman Board of Investment highlighted, “The extent to which shared services and BPO will significantly change the nature of today’s organisation cannot be underestimated. It is encouraging to see that there are organisations in Pakistan such as ACCA who are thought leaders when it comes to the concept of encouraging companies to adopting shared services or outsourcing models and managing talent.”

ACCA works in public interest and ensures that the businesses operate as a force for good and this is only possible when they are adaptable to newer models of operating. For this purpose ACCA and Excellence Delivered made a commitment of digital enablement of the young talent in the country and have produced over 2,200 professionals trained for SAP technologies; and this success has attracted SAP itself to become a partner in this initiative and has supported Excellence Delivered to take it to next level (Phase II) i.e. to develop 100,000 SAP professionals in next 3 years in Pakistan.

Sajjad Syed, CEO Excellence Delivered said, ‘This initiative will result in the growth of freelance businesses, off-shore outsourcing and export of SAP talent to other countries thus resulting in employment opportunities for young professionals of Pakistan.’

Mr. Giovanni Pizzuto, Head of Education SAP MENA, said ‘SAP is delighted to be an integral part of an emerging Pakistan. Through superior technology servicing, SAP has been able to touch lives of millions within Pakistan changing the way production, management and quality is managed from the most basic to the most advanced level. From households to Industries, SAP is changing lives for the better on a national level paving the way for an emerging Pakistan.

Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA Pakistan spoke about ACCA’s commitment to delivering public value in terms of developing and nurturing the right talent that businesses need, leveraging technology and ensure that ethics hold a central position in everything we do  will contribute towards the vision of an emerging Pakistan.

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