Media needs to promote true, soft image of Pakistan

Media needs to promote true, soft image of Pakistan

“Flare panel talks to Maliha Sami Hussain, Media Analyst & Communication Expert, who says I am working as media analyst and media consultant and also appear in different TV talk shows and programmes on social, educational, religious and women empowerment issues.”

Flare: Please share few words about yourself,

education and professional life?

Maliha Sami: I was born in Faisalabad, belonged to Leghari Tribe of Dera Ismail Khan. I have done my graduation from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. I have completed my MA in Mass Communication in 2000 from Institute of Communication Studies, Punjab University. In professional life, I have joined The Nation (Lahore) in 2001 and worked as Sub-Editor for two years. In 2003, I have joined GEO TV Network in Lahore as Assistant Producer and worked on few talk shows. After this experience in media, I turned my career around education field and joined Punjab University as ’Lecture’ in Institute of Communication Studies in 2008 and was associated with teaching till 2013. I worked on a project offered to me by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) titled as ‘Shield Pakistan’ in 2016. It was a social media project and I have completed it over a year time. In 2017, I joined Public Private Partnership Cell in Planning & Development Department in Lahore as ‘Communication Specialist’ and served two years in Punjab Government.

Flare: What made you interested in

Communication Specialist?

Maliha Sami: I am basically a journalist, love to dig out news stories, features and read investigative stories in newspapers, blogs and online magazines. I write articles on social, cultural conflicts and on women issues in our society i.e. women in media, working women issues, women harassment at workplace etc. For me, communication is a vast field and it gives you lot of freedom to prove your worth and work both. This field has great margin for female journalist and media experts and one can gain respect as well. Media is just like a big global village where you get connected with many small segments including social media, public forums, events and seminars, exhibitions. Communication field is for strong and bold ladies and it is very much challenging as well.

Flare: What is your core philosophy?

Maliha Sami: I believe in this philosophy that mainly two things define you; your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. Life goes between our patience and our attitude in various situations. The person, who gets focused on his/her goal, can achieve that goal with Allah Almighty blessings one day. Nothing is impossible or unachievable in life, if you are determined and consistent.

Flare: What are, in your view, the basic

principles of success in a professional life?

Maliha Sami: Dedication, hard work, away from office politics and focused performance, all these factors make your job and professional career straight and successful.

Flare: What kind of challenge do you face?

Maliha Sami: Basically I belonged to a feudal background, and for people like us it is very hard target to get close to others in just one or two meetings. I take time and observe very closely before making friends. In my life, challenges come in different forms, as I have worked in media, TV, educational institutions and in private sector jobs; I accept new tasks and try to complete my work with a learning point of view. I take challenges as ‘targets’ and achieve them with my dedication and will. Most important challenge is to prove your work and ability in new place within a time duration that shows your inner peace and strength.

Flare: What is big achievement in your career?

Maliha Sami: I went to University of Kufa (UOK), Iraq in 2015 for my presentation on Pakistani media in UOK. I spend 8 days in Najaf, Kufa and Karbala and it was the most memorable tour of my life and a life changing experience. I was a different person before this tour; after that Allah blessed me lot of success, peace and happiness in my life. I have been to Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, UAE, Qatar and many other countries as well on professional tours but what I have learnt from UOK Iraq tour was totally an outstanding achievement in my life. By the grace of Allah, I have achieved a glorious career, fame and respect in this field and that’s more than enough for me.

Flare: Any tough decision you have taken in your professional life?

Maliha Sami: For my professional growth, I have taken many important decisions over the years. I joined Geo TV when it was the first newly introduced private channel in Pakistan in 2003. So it was a tough decision, because at that time people do not appreciate girls working in media especially electronic media even my family was not in this favour. But, I worked there and learned that field as well and now it benefits me back in recent years. Sometimes tough and hard decision takes you towards right sides and later you realize that your decision was appropriate.

Flare: Any good advice you want to give peoples who want to enter in media and communication field?

Maliha Sami: I certainly want to ask them to get focused in achieving their goals, work hard and be a part of this media world it is entertaining as well as bold and open field. It gives you information, education as well as improves one’s life standards. We communicate well, when we understand well. In Pakistan, media needs to promote the positive image of the country and its people and it should offer new opportunities tour youth for their advancement and a sound professional growth.


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