Behind the Scenes with the First Smartphone Series to Bring You Cinematic Bokeh — OPPO Reno6 Series

Behind the Scenes with the First Smartphone Series to Bring You Cinematic Bokeh — OPPO Reno6 Series

Thanks to computational photography, advanced photography techniques such as HDR, which significantly improves the brightness, contrast and color of images in which there is a large dynamic light range, can be achieved using small, lightweight and inexpensive equipment. When taking a picture of people at night or in a dark environment, smartphones powered by computational photography techniques are capable of capturing clear and bright images. Through computational photography, smartphones can even produce super-resolution photos far beyond the base resolution of the camera sensor.


  • Computational Photography is Tackling the Industry’s Major Challenges

Computational photography lives at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision, and optical sensor design. It allows product engineers to break the limitations of smartphone camera hardware by maximizing the capabilities of the device’s algorithms and computing power.


  • Computational Photography for Video

Computational photography has been used to improve photo quality on digital devices for a while now, most notably with the portrait mode feature that allows smartphones to capture portrait-style images that mimic those shot with high-end SLR cameras. OPPO is leading the way in computational photography thanks to its years of investment in AI and other related technologies. Breakthroughs in computational photography have now been brought to life in the new Bokeh Flare Portrait Video on the latest Reno6 series.


  • Cinematic Bokeh Flare Portrait Video by Reno6 Series

Previously, to achieve this cinematic bokeh effect, you would have needed professional equipment, a professional team, and you would have needed to plan lots of things out beforehand, but with Bokeh Flare Portrait Video on the Reno6 series, you can capture stunning bokeh videos like these with just one click of a button.

Perfect separation of subject and background even if the subject is turning/moving/side on/facing away from the camera


  • Pixel-Level Optimization Brings Cinematic Bokeh Flare Lights and Real-time image previews with complex processing

Following segmentation, pixel-level rendering and optimizations are made to the subject and background images in parallel. On the subject image, dedicated color and brightness processing is performed at the pixel-level to ensure minimal interference with the background processing, preserving the original color of the image while performing brightness optimizations. Thanks to OPPO’s advancements in computational photography, all of the processes involved in Bokeh Flare Portrait Video on the Reno6 series – including subject detection, image separation, brightness enhancements, color preservation, background blurring, bokeh processing, targeted pixel-level enhancements and more – can all be performed in just 10ms.


  • Vivid, High Quality Video Powered by AI Highlight Video

Thanks to computational photography, OPPO’s video enhancement feature, AI Highlight Video, has also been given an update on the Reno6 series. When shooting at night, the new AI Highlight Video on Reno6 Pro can effectively improve the clarity of the video by up to 40.2% versus Reno5 Pro, while color and brightness have all improved, resulting in a drastic uplift to overall image quality.

  • Industry-leading Approach to Imaging R&D

OPPO’s application of computational photography as a means of enhancing imaging performance on its smartphone products goes back a long way.

  • The Next Frontier:Video Shooting Capabilities Are the New Standard for Smartphone Imaging Systems

Together with industry partners, OPPO continues to explore new possibilities and cutting-edge solutions in computational photography through in-depth research. OPPO believes that its value to consumers is in OPPO being able to handle the complicated technology,so users can enjoy a simple experience.

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