Reasons to Get Your Hands on vivo Y53s: Hear from Your Favourite Tech Experts

Reasons to Get Your Hands on vivo Y53s: Hear from Your Favourite Tech Experts

Have you ever thought about how it is impossible to get all the features in a single smartphone? Some smartphones have great cameras yet lack in design while others are really enhanced in design but lack performance. This is a constant issue and that’s probably the reason why consumers find it time-consuming and difficult to make a choice about buying a smartphone. However, the newly launched vivo Y53s will solve all your issues as it is an all-rounder smartphone.

vivo’s entire Y series range of smartphones is known for its youth-centricity with best-in-class cameras, long powerful batteries and top-notch processors manoeuvred to deliver a high-end experience to the customer at a desirable price range. vivo Y53s is another testament to it. vivo Y53s is a perfect companion for young consumers and trendsetters who want the best of everything in a single device at an affordable price.

As we are continuously progressing in innovative and intelligent technologies every day, it becomes more and more difficult to choose the right kind of smartphone that will fulfil all our needs at once.

So, to help you in making the well-informed decision, we have a few experts unboxing Y53s, who will provide you with the right kind of information on why Y53s is an all-rounder smartphone and should be your next purchase.

  1. VideoWaliSarkar



vivo Y53s is the perfect smartphone for its target audience and comes with a super-fast Side Fingerprint scanner. It is very important to give the credit wherein due, vivo’s 33W FlashCharge is extremely compatible and works with all devices. The camera set-up is very solid powered with a 64MP Rear Camera also comprising of Super Night Mode in front camera making it a great option for consumers to buy.



  1. ReviewsPK

The new Y53s comes with an advanced main camera and charging speed. Another plus point is that it is made in Pakistan. A lot of smartphones are assembled in Pakistan, but this is manufactured as well. It comes in two colors – Deep Sea Blue and Fantastic Rainbow while the former comes in a matte finish and gradient look the latter comes in a glossy finish and is multi-coloured, a completely different vibe.


  1. MasTech

The Y53s is extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold giving a good in-hand experience. It comes with MediaTek Helio G80 with a 4G chipset for smooth and strong performance. With its advanced 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM and a storage of 128GB and 1TB Memory Expansion, it is surely a smartphone worth checking out.

Both PhoneWorld and Whatmobile talked about its triple camera setup with (EIS) support and 16MP Front Camera making sure your pictures come out best always. Y53s also comes with a Halo FullView Display and with a massive 5000mAh battery ensuring long-lasting battery for all your needs.

Other tech experts like ProPakistani, Hamariweb, Gadgets Quality Pro, Phone Year, Hateem Tech and Techrupt have highlighted its innovative and advanced camera technologies like 64MP Rear camera, Eye Autofocus, super-fast charging capability, design innovation, swift experience and storage capacity making it an all-rounder smartphone that fulfils the ever-evolving needs of their young and tech-savvy consumers.

Overall, Y53s has received great reviews on fulfilling all your needs. Y53s impresses experts with some of the most exclusive features along with its design and performance. It is an excellent choice for young consumers that speak the language of stylish and fashionable individuals while also valuing clear photography and swift performance.

Indeed, Y53s is the best companion and playmate to get for yourself and this is something you do not want to miss!

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