Zong Awards Its Network Heroes

Zong Awards Its Network Heroes

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading mobile telecommunications network, held an event on October 20 th , 2022 at its headquarters to demonstrate the network’s excellence during recent times and to honor those who made significant contributions towards fulfilling this agenda.

More than one-third of the nation impacted by the recent floods. The country
telecommunications industry has also suffered as the dire consequences of flood. This is on top of
the industry already vulnerable position in relation to the country broader macroeconomic status.
Floods in Pakistan disrupted over 12% of CMPAK network. As a result, the company has spent most
of the last few months working fervently to ensure that its customers have continuous connectivity.
Zong realizes its customers’ critical need to stay connected with their family and loved ones during
such uncertain times. Therefore, despite operating in difficult, often dangerous, flood-stricken
locations, Zong network crew has worked tirelessly to ensure that Zong customers continue to
enjoy world-class network services.

Incredible teamwork has always been at the heart of Zong network team, and this has been proved
in recent days. While a section of Zong technical network team was involved in network restoration
activities on the ground, another part of the team has dedicated to continuously enhancing the
quality of the network to make it the best and first choice for customers. Even during such trying
circumstances, Zong technical staff managed to perform network improvement campaigns with
targeted advancements in various sectors.

To recognize and reward the network team’s efforts, an event has organized at Zong headquarters.
Individuals and teams, who had key contributions towards Zong’s network excellence, were
presented with awards at the occasion. This occasion has attended by several dignitaries, including
the Chinese Ambassador, Provincial Minister for Environmental Coastal Development, the Minister
of Information Technology and Telecommunication, as well as members of Zong’s higher

"I am extremely proud of our technical employees who remained on their toes, day and night, to
restore network in areas which were completely submerged in flood-water and where the
infrastructure was damaged," Zong CEO Mr Wang Hua said at the event. "Our teams recovered 99%
of the CMPak network in three weeks, which is a commendable effort


Minister of IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque applauded the network’s superlative
quality during this time of crisis. Speaking at the occasion, he said & quot ; Zong has shown remarkable
resilience and will in the face of adversity, demonstrating excellent leadership in network restoration
in flood-affected areas. The work done by the technical staff has been excellent and should be
commended & quot;

Zong  goal for the future is to continuously improve and evolve so that it can provide its customers
with the best network services possible, which is especially significant in the current economic

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