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UPaisa has introduced a new Digital QR Code Scan feature to make transactions more accessible and convenient for its users.


UPaisa, committed to delivering exceptional user experiences, has launched a new digital app feature that allows for easy scanning of QR code. This innovative upgrade simplifies financial transactions and makes financial technology accessible to a broader audience. The quality promises to bring unparalleled convenience to UPaisa users. Today, on May 20, 2023, the feature was introduced in Islamabad.

UPaisa is a financial brand that prioritizes making things easy for its users while ensuring security and reliability. With a new innovative feature, the app has become even more user-friendly by eliminating the need for manual data and information entry. UPaisa users can now transfer funds in a secure and hassle-free manner by simply scanning the recipient’s QR Code.

With UPaisa, users can quickly transfer funds through a QR code scan. The app is available for download on Play Store or App Store for all data users. Ufone 4G users can access the feature by dialing *786# on their handsets. UPaisa prioritizes innovation and invests in modernizing its services and infrastructure to improve user experience. Additionally, the platform promotes financial inclusion for unserved and underserved communities in Pakistan, contributing to their socioeconomic integration and development.

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