Telecom Operators’ Association Formed – Pledging to Boost Pakistan’s Digital Economy

Telecom Operators’ Association Formed – Pledging to Boost Pakistan’s Digital Economy

ISLAMABAD – On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, Pakistan’s eagerly anticipated Telecom Operators’ Association held its inaugural meeting in Islamabad. The association comprises leading industry players such as Jazz, Ufone/PTCL, Telenor, Nayatel, Cybernet, and TWA, with membership open to all license holders of Cellular Mobile Operators (CMO), Long Distance International (LDI) Operators, Wireless Local Loop Operators (WLL), and Local Loop Operators (LL) (Fixed Line).

During the meeting, the board members unanimously nominated Mr. Aamir Ibrahim, the CEO of Jazz, as the first Chairman of the Association. Mr. Wahaj us Siraj, the CEO of Nayatel, was appointed as the Vice Chairman, Mr. Naveed Butt, the Group Chief Regulatory Officer of PTCL & Ufone, as President of the Management Committee, and Mr. Syed Fakhar Ahmed CC&RO Jazz as Interim Secretary General.

The primary objective of this Association is to drive the digitization of Pakistan’s economy by advocating for policy and regulatory interventions in the Telecom and broadband industries. The focus is on finding favorable solutions that encourage foreign investment, foster growth within the telecom sector, and offer innovative and exciting services to the vast customer base in Pakistan. Moreover, the Association has committed to promoting digital inclusion, particularly for marginalized communities and geographies, such as rural areas, youth, and women.

Mr. Aamir Ibrahim, the Chairman of the Association, emphasized that the focus would be on creating awareness and urgency to accelerate Pakistan’s digital transformation. A strong and informed dialogue with key policymakers is essential to support the growth of broadband services that underpin the IT industry. With this Association in place, the industry now has a robust platform to advocate for and drive the necessary changes for digital inclusion and empowerment in Pakistan.

During the meeting, CEOs of Nayatel, TWA, Cybernet, and Telenor Pakistan also expressed their thoughts on the significance and future direction of the Telecom Operators’ Association. Key policy interventions discussed during the meeting, with plans to present them to the government through the Association’s platform.

All members  committed to leveraging this platform to materialize the vision of Digital Pakistan and collaborate efforts to foster inclusion, accelerate digitalization, and advocate for essential changes to uplift the IT & telecom industries in the country.

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