Mobilink Bank and BizB Join Forces to Drive Financial Inclusion and Empower Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Mobilink Bank and BizB Join Forces to Drive Financial Inclusion and Empower Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Islamabad – March 11, 2024: In a groundbreaking move towards fostering financial inclusion and empowering women micro-entrepreneurs, Mobilink Bank has entered into a strategic partnership with BizB, a leading marketplace in Pakistan. Welcoming BizB as a ‘Brand Ambassador Organization,’ this collaboration aims to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape and provide easily accessible financial services for women entrepreneurs nationwide.

Empowering Through Partnership

Mobilink Bank, a part of the VEON group, a global digital operator, has committed to advancing gender equality by empowering over 18,000 women through this transformative partnership. By leveraging BizB’s W-Empower initiative, women micro-entrepreneurs gain access to a platform for buying and selling preloved apparel while enjoying the full spectrum of features offered by the Dost App for seamless and convenient transactions.

BizB’s Sustainable Revolution

BizB, known for its sustainable practices in Pakistan’s fashion industry, introduces preloved clothing to economically and environmentally empower urban women. By fostering community and reshaping fashion consumption, BizB envisions a conscious and inclusive future.

A Commitment to Further Impact

Atta-ur-Rehman, Chief Branch Business Officer at Mobilink Bank, expressed pride in supporting BizB’s W-Empower, stating, “Enabling women to take control of their financial futures is not just a goal for us at the Bank; it’s a commitment to building a more equitable and sustainable space for all.”

Sehrish Raza, CEO and Founder of BizB, shared her excitement about the strategic collaboration, highlighting their joint commitment to revolutionizing Pakistan’s fashion industry and empowering women through financial inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Mobilink Bank’s Holistic Approach

Mobilink Bank’s commitment extends beyond formal financial services. The bank prioritizes skills development and financial literacy through its flagship initiative, the Women Inspirational Network (WIN), having empowered and upskilled 5000 women across the nation. In partnership with like-minded organizations, Mobilink Bank continues to spearhead inclusivity efforts, equipping women to excel not only in finance but also in various economic spheres.

As a testament to their shared vision, Mobilink Bank and BizB look forward to creating a positive impact and shaping a more equitable society for all through this groundbreaking collaboration.

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