Huawei and Ufone 4G Secure Prestigious GSMA Global Mobile Award for Groundbreaking Microwave Network Innovation

Huawei and Ufone 4G Secure Prestigious GSMA Global Mobile Award for Groundbreaking Microwave Network Innovation

Islamabad, March 11, 2024: Huawei, a global technology leader, and Ufone 4G, a prominent telecommunications provider, proudly announce their win of the prestigious GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Award in the category of ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets.’ The accolade was granted for their revolutionary Microwave SuperHub, showcased and deployed for the first time globally within Ufone’s network during Q4 2023. This groundbreaking solution has redefined the utilization of microwave spectrum, a critical asset in today’s digital landscape.

Transforming Microwave Network Efficiency

In the ever-evolving digital age, where the demands on wireless technologies are constantly growing, the challenges faced by microwave backhaul networks have become increasingly complex, especially in emerging markets with limited optical fiber infrastructure. In response to these challenges, Huawei and Ufone 4G collaborated to introduce the pioneering Microwave SuperHub solution.

Unprecedented Spectrum Efficiency

The SuperHub solution was designed to overcome the hurdles posed by limited spectrum resources, spatial constraints, and frequency acquisition difficulties. By allowing the reuse of the same microwave frequency channel across multiple links at an aggregation site with a spatial separation as low as 20 degrees, Ufone achieved a remarkable 50% spectrum saving without compromising quality. This innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the construction of terrestrial microwave networks.

Recognition from Industry Leaders

Jafar Khalid, Group Chief Technology and Information Officer of PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed his delight at the GSMA GLOMO Award, emphasizing its significance as the industry’s most prestigious accolade. He highlighted how the joint efforts of Ufone and Huawei in optimizing microwave spectral efficiency, enhancing capacity, and reducing interference have been acknowledged on a global scale.

James Zeng, Global President of Huawei Microwave Product Line, explained the transformative impact of the SuperHub solution. He emphasized its ability to boost bandwidth, enhance user experience, and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for operators, paving the way for future dense network deployments and evolution.

Commitment to Innovation

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Huawei and Ufone 4G remain steadfast in their commitment to driving innovation and empowering networks with cutting-edge solutions. The Microwave SuperHub represents a significant technological breakthrough that addresses the most pressing challenges in the telecommunications industry, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable future for global networks.


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