Empowering Connectivity: Pakistan Unlocks 30MHz in 700MHz Band for 5G Expansion

Empowering Connectivity: Pakistan Unlocks 30MHz in 700MHz Band for 5G Expansion

Government Greenlights 30 MHz Auction for 5G Advancement

In a significant move towards embracing next-generation mobile services (NGMS), the Government of Pakistan has given the green light for the auctioning of 30 MHz (2 x 15 MHz) in the coveted 700 MHz band. This strategic decision is set to substantially increase the total spectrum availability for NGMS/5G, reaching an impressive 300 MHz.

Formal Approval from the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB)

The responsibility of formally approving and recommending this allocation lies with the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB). Their objective is clear: to maximize spectrum availability, including the allocation of 2 x 15 MHz in the crucial 700 MHz band. This move marks a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape.

Cautious Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) Amidst Economic Challenges

While the government assures sufficient spectrum for future NGMS auctions, Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) remain cautious. Economic challenges and market uncertainties surrounding 5G deployment contribute to their hesitancy. Balancing economic feasibility with technological progress is key in this evolving landscape.

Diverse Spectrum Allocation for NGMS Auctions

Pakistan’s commitment to technology-neutral allocation is evident in the earmarking of spectrum across various ITU bands. Bands such as 700, 2100, 2300, 2600, and 3300 MHz are allocated for NGMS auctions, fostering an environment conducive to both 4G and 5G technologies.

2100 Band Allocation and Future Auction Prospects

In the 2100 band, the government has allocated 2 x 30 MHz to CMOs, with an additional 2 x 15 MHz earmarked for future auctions. This forward-thinking approach ensures a robust infrastructure for present and future communication needs.

Strategic Spectrum Allocation in the 2300 and 2600 Bands

In the 2300 band, only 5 MHz is currently assigned, leaving a substantial 95 MHz available for allocation. The 2600 band witnesses an allocation of 54 MHz, with an additional 140 MHz currently under litigation. These bands hold significant potential for bolstering 4G capabilities and laying the foundation for 5G expansion.

Targeted Bands for 4G Enhancement and 5G Launch

Identifying three bands as particularly suitable for enhancing 4G and launching 5G, the government’s allocation strategy aligns with technological advancements. Simultaneously, other bands are optimized for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), showcasing a nuanced approach to spectrum utilization.

Spectrum Reframing for Dynamic Management

Acknowledging the need for dynamic spectrum management, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has drafted a framework for spectrum re-farming. This strategic initiative aims to reallocate spectrum where its current use is suboptimal, aligning with Pakistan’s social, economic interests, and international allocations.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s commitment to expanding its spectrum portfolio for 5G demonstrates a forward-looking approach. As the government and stakeholders collaborate to navigate economic challenges, the stage is set for a transformative era in telecommunications, fostering connectivity and technological progress.


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