Miss Shiza Fatima Khawaja Appointed as State Minister for IT and Telecom by Federal Government

Miss Shiza Fatima Khawaja Appointed as State Minister for IT and Telecom by Federal Government

The federal government has announced the appointment of Miss Shiza Fatima Khawaja as the State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication. In a significant development, Prime Minister [Prime Minister’s Full Name] has entrusted her with the crucial portfolio, recognizing her expertise and dedication in the field.

The decision was formalized through a notification issued by Prime Minister’s Secretary Asdar Rehman Gilani, affirming Shiza Fatima’s position as the Minister of State for Information Technology. This move underscores the government’s commitment to leveraging skilled professionals for key roles in driving the nation’s technological advancements.

During a recent meeting of the federal cabinet, Shahbaz Sharif delegated various portfolios to ministers, reflecting a strategic approach to governance. Khawaja Asif, for instance, has been appointed to oversee defense, aviation, and defense production, demonstrating a comprehensive distribution of responsibilities.

Furthermore, Ishaq Dar is set to take on the role of the country’s Minister of Affairs, highlighting the government’s emphasis on effective management and administration. Ahsan Iqbal will serve as the Project Manager, while Aleem Khan is entrusted with the Minister of Privatization role, showcasing the government’s focus on economic reforms.

In a noteworthy decision, Jam Kamal has been appointed as the Minister of Commerce, a position critical to fostering international trade relations and economic growth. These appointments are indicative of a concerted effort by the federal government to assemble a competent and diverse team to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the nation.

Miss Shiza Fatima Khawaja’s elevation to the position of State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication aligns with the government’s vision for a digitally empowered future. Her role is expected to contribute significantly to the ongoing initiatives aimed at harnessing technology for national development.

As the government continues to prioritize competence and strategic allocation of responsibilities, the newly appointed ministers are poised to play pivotal roles in shaping the trajectory of the nation. Miss Shiza Fatima Khawaja, in particular, is entrusted with a key portfolio that holds the potential to drive innovation, connectivity, and progress in the realm of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

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