Home Business Shireenlakdawala& Kiran Foundation Helping Deserving People in Current Situation

Shireenlakdawala& Kiran Foundation Helping Deserving People in Current Situation

Shireenlakdawala& Kiran Foundation Helping Deserving People in Current Situation

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the commercial activities across the country, including Karachi, the thriving metropolis and commercial nerve center of the country. With weeks of lockdown, economic activity has slowed down in the city, virtually coming to a standstill. Factory workers who make some of the most beautiful Pakistani designer dresses have been laid off in the thousands, as have people in the service sector. Amidst all this bleakness, there are a few rays of hope like Shireenlakdawala that are shining on the horizon and are trying to help the people who need help in these critical times.

Shireenlakdawala and Kiran Foundation – Partners in Charity

Kiran Foundation and Shireenlakdawala are no strangers to the responsible and conscientious citizens of Karachi. While people know the former for its pioneering work in developing communities in Lyari, the latter is a symbol of excellence and success when it comes to the fashion and Pakistani designer dresses. Both these stalwarts are working quietly to ensure that the people who are most severely affected by the current economic slowdown receive the help that they need.

Creating New Opportunities

In an environment where schools are closed and parents find themselves at their wit’s end to keep the children engaged and the needs of the family met, an NGO and a Pakistani design store for fashion are coming together to provide them with the necessary provisions and necessities of life. Kiran Foundation and Shireenlakdawalahave been supporting the ration drives that are taking place with great regularity across the city. For many people, have access to the supplies that they would otherwise have been deprived of is now possible thanks to their generous contributions. Suddenly, eatables, items of personal hygiene, and other consumables are sidelining Pakistan formal dresses and high-end fashion.


Making Resources Available

Kiran Foundation, along with the support of Pakistan formal dresses label Shireenlakdawalais at the forefront of providing vulnerable segments with the resources that they need for maintaining sound mental health. This is an even more critical need in the current situation where health concerns and economic challenges create a dangerous mix of stressors for people in all segments of the society. By providing regular counselling and support services, the NGO and Pakistani design store are ensuring that people can remain healthy and positive in these challenging times.

A Light for Education

The education of children is the most pressing matter for parents in the current times. Not all schools are offering online teaching, and certainly not those schools where children lack access to the Internet in their homes. Through its vast network of teachers and community leaders, the Kiran Foundation, and its partners like Shireenlakdawala are offering educational resources to children in their homes without their having to compromise their education in any way.


It is heartening to see how various segments of the community are coming together to help the city maintain its sanity and normalcy in a time of crisis. The efforts of Shireenlakdawala and Kiran Foundation are helping men, women, and children to carry on with their lives to the best of their abilities. With the coming together of more businesses, NGOs, and respectable individuals at the forefront of this change, it can be expected that the city will emerge from this crisis as a united, self-assured, and resilient city than ever before.

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