Bahawalpur Real Estateand Upcoming Projects

Bahawalpur Real Estateand Upcoming Projects

Bahawalpur Real Estateand Upcoming Projects

Bahawalpur, the city of Nawabs was founded by Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan II. It is famous for its exceptional architecture, from Derawar Fort to the awe-inspiringmahals like Darbar Mahal, Noor Mahal, Gulzar Mahal and Sadiq Garh Mahalto the replica of Delhi’s Moti Mosque called Abbasi Mosque. Theoozing architectural class with its classic library and Govt. Boys High School building, the city’s architecture iseccentric.Having the famous Farid Gate, the city also boosts the honor of having one of the South Asia’s largest national parks called, the Lal Sohanra National Park in its proximity.Along with these, the city also has Pakistan’s first utility scale photovoltaic power station called the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park.

Agriculture and Industrial Sector

The Princely state of Bahawalpur is famous not only for its cultural and architectural importance but for agricultural sector as well. Renowned exporter of mangoes and citrus, it also produces cotton, sugarcane, sunflower and rice. Vegetables like onions, cauliflower, carrots and potatoes are also produced here. Not lagging in industrial sector, caustic soda, fruit juices, textile weaving and spinning,cotton ginningand several other industries are bourgeoning which helps in improving the economy of the city.

Bahawalpur Realty

Thescenario of Bahawalpur real estate is changing and various projects are in their initial stages. Bahawalpur projectshave started providing contemporary living standards, something that was missing in the city for a long time. Some of the major projects are mentioned below:

DHA Bahawalpur

One of Pakistan’s illustrious housing schemes, DHA, initiated its work in Bahawalpur in 2015.It is located near the airport and city centre. Analogousto other DHA projects in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, DHA Bahawalpur providesits standardized top notch facilities of Golf Course, DHA Club andtheme park. The major add-on in DHA Bahawalpur is the facility of uninterrupted electricity supply. DHA Bahawalpur will be offering both, commercial and residential plots.

Executive Enclaves

Other Bahawalpur property projects include Executive Enclaves situated near Farid Gate at Rafi Qamar Road. This housing project will be a captivating amalgam of contemporary lifestyle and native architecture. Executive Enclaves is offering 5 and 7-marla duplex houses in Bahawalpur on both, complete cash payment and easy installments plan spanning up to 5 years.

Al Noor Garden Housing Scheme

Another Bahawalpur real estateproject is Al Noor Garden Housing Scheme. Located in the heart of the city, opposite to the legendary Noor Mahal and Cantt., the project has two phases. Phases 1 and 2 offer 10 and 7-marla residential plotsrespectively. Wide roads, modern sewerage system, complete security, commercial centre, parks and grounds are among a broad range of facilities provided by the Al Noor Garden Housing Scheme. This projectcertainly caters the needs of citizens searching for plots in Bahawalpur.

Paragon Villas and Zaman Villas

Furthermore,otherBahawalpur propertyprojects includeParagon Villas and Zaman Villas. The former project is sited at One Unit Chowk, Qamar Road. Facilities like gas, electricity, water, CCTV security, kids play area, community gym, broadband internet access, schools and mosque are provided by the Paragon Villas. The gated community is providing 4 and 5-marla commercial and residential plots.

Similarly, Zaman Villas, near Farid Gate are offering 5, 7 and 8-marla duplex houses on complete cashpayment and installments plan for 5 to 25 years from Islamic financial institution. The project is well equipped with standardized sewerage system, CCTV security, internet, cable, community mosque inspired by the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, kids play area, park and gym.

Mall of Bahawalpur

Boosting the title of first fully air conditioned mall in the southern Punjab, the mall is positioned at a prime location near University Road. According to the information available onreal estate e-portal, shops are available for 22 lack rupees only offering a discount of 10% on full payment and 5% discount on 50% payment (T&C applied). The mall offers 3D cinema, eateries, kids play area, elevators, CCTV security and much more.

With a number of projects in the pipeline along with the implementation of taxes, let’s see how the realty of Bahawalpur reacts in this situation.

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