National Foods Limited Launches its Trailblazers Program Bringing Gen Z Expertise into the Fold

National Foods Limited Launches its Trailblazers Program Bringing Gen Z Expertise into the Fold

In a bid to revolutionize the operations of the industry, National Foods Limited has launched its Trailblazers program to recruit top talent. The Trailblazers program is a Management Trainee program, which will induct students from Pakistan as well as the global market.

The new program will help pave the path for the future Gen Z, by inducting them in their selected function of the organization. This program functions on the belief that the coming generation is well equipped to trail its own path. The selected Trailblazers will be assigned two projects, one of which will be from the management, while the other will be of their own choosing. Their progression in the organization will be based on the performance and impact of the projects.

The Chief Executive of National Foods Limited—Abrar Hasan highlighted the benefits of implementing the program by saying, ‘We need to look towards the future of the industry and the economy of Pakistan. To leave a mark in the global market, we need to incorporate the Gen Z into our business operations. They hold the key to revolutionizing the market and leading us to great heights. National Foods Limited has always been a trailblazer, and we are committed to bringing on board the best resources available in the market.’

National Foods Limited has teamed up with Taar, a consulting company through Mettl, Taar’s Assessment Center. The organization uses a complete online testing method. The tests are designed to identify the right fit for the organization using comprehensive checks for attention to detail, problem solving, critical thinking, data analysis and analytical thinking. Around 3000 applications were received out of which 2100 were shortlisted for the Online Analytical Test, ensuring over 70% participation by applicants.

To ensure the hiring of the top talent in Pakistan, each Trailblazer will go through a rigorous selection process. After the online aptitude test, a total of 36 people will be broken into 6 groups where they will be observed for their participation and contribution to group discussions, time management, analytical, planning and strategic skills, innovative solutions, communication and presentation. The candidates will also take an online psychometric testing which will help the company gauge their job and organizational compatibility and help identify leadership potential.

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