ZONG 4G’s New Hope Volunteers spend a day at SOS Children’s Village in Quetta

ZONG 4G’s New Hope Volunteers spend a day at SOS Children’s Village in Quetta

Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers visited the SOS family villages in Quetta, encompassing 15 sub-villages along with 4 youth homes in Quetta, Baluchistan. The volunteers spent a day with the marginalized children of the society. With over 125 children, SOS Children’s Village Quetta is a unique facility which offers socially displaced children a second chance at life through its effective learning and caring program.

Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers’ visit to the SOS villages comprised of many well-structured activities including both outdoor activities such as football and other indoor games and activities to help boost critical thinking and problem solving abilities for the younger children. A magic show was also organized for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed the sleight of hand. Furthermore a patriotic song-singing competition was also held, and the best singers were recognized and given gifts. The volunteers ended the day with the distribution of gifts and had food with the residents of the SOS village.

Commenting on the visit Zong 4G’s Spokesperson said, “Zong 4G firmly believes in giving back to the communities that we operate in. Our visit to SOS Quetta is a testament of our commitment to the marginalized strata of the society. We are really pleased to bring smiles to faces of these young children and are glad to be a part of their lives in some way. The look of absolute joy while partaking in a day of fun and learning filled activities was a highly fulfilling experience. We will continue on our efforts in trying to aid the welfare of the underprivileged echelons of the country and hope to create a lasting and positive impact on the lives of these young children.”

Zong 4G has consistently been drawing attention to and playing its part well on socially responsible issues in the country and plans to continue to engage in social causes that promise to cater to change and carry an impact on many lives. The management of SOS Villages Quetta lauded the effort of ZONG 4G for spending time and for spreading joy among the SOS children.

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