Live the Simply Clear life

Live the Simply Clear life

Live the Simply Clear life

Live the Simply Clear life, With the rise in the prevalence of Diabetes in Pakistan, It has become essential to educate ones self about the disease for better management. .

People with diabetes do not want the hassle of logging their glucose values manually in a diary – they want automated logging and seamless availability of their diabetes-related data. The Accu-Chek Instant system offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth to Pakistan’s first of its kind diabetes data management app, mySugr. It automatically enables the wireless transfer of data from the meter to the app and helps patients manage their diabetes without keeping records in paper logbooks – offering quick insights virtually anytime and anywhere.

Accu-Chek Instant has a target range indicator that makes it easier to understand the blood glucose level and a device that requires no set up. Patients just need to insert a strip, apply a small blood sample and to read their blood glucose level on a large backlit display, in just 4 seconds.  Another significant feature of this device is its strip ejector that offers hygienic removal of test strips.

If you have diabetes then this pair is all that you need in your life. To maintain a check and balance for your blood sugar. Levels AccuChek Instant is connected to your smartphone via wireless connection and syncs with the app. To store evaluate and analyze your blood sugar data.

MySugar app serves

MySugar app serves not only as alogbookbut It helps the users to understand and manage their blood sugar. Levels by guiding them to incorporate healthy activities and make healthy dietary choices throughout the day. It encourages and advises to make small efforts which have impactful results on users’ Blood Sugar measures. Thereby allowing them to take charge over diabetes one day at a time.

The mySugr report compiles your data for easy printing or digital sharing; you can access your data anytime, anywhere, and even send an overview directly to your healthcare team via Whatsapp& email.

The mySugr app is both – Android and Apple phone friendly. It is easy to download and setup and offers well organized and structured format of record keeping. It is simple to use making it user friendly and is extremely interactive. Moreover, the data from this app can be synced with GoogleFit and Apple Health allowing you to keep a digital health diary – minus all the hassle.

Good sugar control is like money in the bank. If you can make a deposit every day, excellent. But even if you start depositing money later in life or if you can’t add money every day. What you can do is still worthwhile, every single day that you manage your sugar well makes a little bit. More difference in your long-term health.

Live the Simply Clear life

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