133 Days On, Indian Farmers’ Protest Continues

133 Days On, Indian Farmers’ Protest Continues

Indian farmers are still protesting against the Modi government’s failed policies and broken promises. Despite the passage of 133 days, the farmers’ demands remain unmet. The Modi government has failed to address the farmers’ legitimate demands, instead trying to criminalize them.

The farmers’ protest, which began in February, has faced brutal police crackdowns, including the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, resulting in hundreds of injuries and several deaths. Despite the harsh weather conditions, the farmers remain resolute in their demands.

The farmers’ union leader expressed distrust in the Modi government’s announcement of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and highlighted the struggles faced by Indian farmers. The leader emphasized that the farmers are fighting alone and that public support is crucial for their victory.

The farmers’ union leader also criticized the Modi government’s crackdown on journalists who speak the truth, saying that such a government cannot remain in power for long. The implementation of the MSP law will be a victory not just for farmers but also for the public, and will deal a blow to hoarders.

The farmers will continue their struggle for their rights and justice, and the day is not far when the Modi government’s oppressive rule will come to an end.”

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