Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Yayvogets another break through in grabbing the top platform for car selling across Pakistan. With multimillion traffic, Pak wheels announced its collaboration as an automobile partner for upcoming Black Friday event of black Friday is almost 8 days ahead in Pakistan, Yayvo is fully charming its excitement.

cheezmall-340 The involvement of this giant in as a partner is something unique and unorthodox which will benefit the customer a lot in getting right information at the right time.Pakwheels has grown tremendously in past years and established themselves as the best platform for the automobile information. Sharing, blogging and exchange of commodities related to it.Not only this but the platform Pakwheels is also providing Pakistan’s best classified platform where buyer and seller can meet and have a deal on used cars, their parts and exchange reviews.Recently they have also launched services to help customers in getting right information and guidance before buying any used car. This is one of the best service specially for a customers that cannot fully understand how to check the used cars before purchase.After this collaboration the customers have gained new round of excitement to theYayvo’s Black Friday.Yayvo is about to write a history in Black Friday and the fierce competition that it has created would be very difficult to tackle by its competitors. So customers, with this level of competition would be benefited a lot on this Black Friday in Pakistan.So if you have not subscribed to Yayvo’s black Friday, you can do it by clicking here.


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