OPPO’s F19 Pro recent Eid microfilm “Sharing In Every Moment”, featuring Maya Ali & Asim Azhar got the audience emotional with a heartwarming message

OPPO’s F19 Pro recent Eid microfilm “Sharing In Every Moment”, featuring Maya Ali & Asim Azhar got the audience emotional with a heartwarming message

Monday, 26th April 2021: The recent ad by OPPO featuring Maya Ali and Asim Azhar perfectly encapsulates the essence of sharing in every moment by shipping the beautiful friendship bond of them. The occasion of Eid adds to the unmatchable beauty of Ramazan. Eid is a day of celebrations however with the increasing rate of COVID-19, one cannot truly enjoy the festive and share it with their loved ones. But OPPO’s special F19 Pro Eid Edit is a reminder for all of us that even in these hard times we can share this blissful day with our loved ones by sending them tokens of love and by being with them through OPPO F19 Pro. Here is a link where you can watch the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2lsxg0EDc8



The Eid microfilm shows how Maya shares in Asim’s new journey and supports him by using the video features of OPPO F19 Pro. The Dual-View Video does wonders and lets Asim share his cafe with Maya, based on which she later promotes him using the beautiful F19 Pro. Eid is a day of happiness and by sharing his dream, Maya adds to his happiness and makes Eid special for her dear friend. Not to forget, both look exceptional in their silver Eid joras with their matching Limited Eid Edition Crystal Silver F19 Pro that simply adds to the exquisiteness of their looks. This Eid, with F19 Pro you too can tell your friends about your Eid plans and show off your gorgeous Eid outfits while simultaneously recording a video of your expressions, fun, excitement and joy. With OPPO, you can share in every moment because the Dual-View Video lets you record a double video showcasing everything around you so now you can make the perfect video capturing every moment and share it effortlessly with your friends.



The AI Color Portrait Video features on OPPO’s F19 Pro is also perfect for this Eid. It works by recognizing the person in the shot and can then intelligently distinguish the person from their background. So, no need to worry about the perfect lighting while taking Eid selfies with your best friends because OPPO has got it all covered. With every click you can now capture a well-lit picture of your Eid outfits and delicious dinners. Like Maya and Asim, you too can capture moments of laughter and fun while celebrating Eid because of the incredible AI Color Portrait feature that lets you share in every moment freely and peacefully.


Just like OPPO F19Pro’s limited edit is perfect for Eid, so is the latest Eid microfilm. It effortlessly encapsulates emotions of joy and creates a bittersweet vibe for the audience. Comments like “this made me cry and laugh at the same time” and “I felt hooked to it” shows the long-lasting effect that the film left. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that OPPO’s Eid microfilm is reflective of the current Covid-19 situation and keeping that in mind it acted as a hope for all the people out there. A hope that even in these tough times, they can share moments of love and laughter with their loved ones with OPPO F19 Pro.




So, hurry, and make your Eid special with OPPO’s amazing Eid Edit of F19 Pro. The splendid crystal silver color will definitely be a game changer for your Eid’s statement look. Go check out OPPOs official Facebook page for more details and grab yours before it’s too late. The preorder starts today for the F19 Pro Crystal Silver Eid edition for Rs. 49,999. Click on the link to get yours now. https://www.oppo.com/pk/bookonline/

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