Final Trailer of Moor Film Released

Final Trailer of Moor Released before the Film’s Premiere on Independence Day

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‘Mandviwalla Entertainment’ and ‘azad film company’ have released the final trailer for their upcoming Pakistan Railways biopic – Moor, which is set to debut this year on Independence Day.  The trailer is a continuation of the previous two which were released at the start of May and June, respectively, and bridges the chasm prevalent in the viewers’ mind regarding the storyline and theme of the movie.

The trailer showcases intense scenes which give the viewer a brief look in to the lives and complexities of each character, while highlighting the prevalent theme of the movie. Played amongst the backdrop of Meesha Shafi crooning to ‘EVA’, the official OST of the movie and music by Strings, the viewer experiences a surge of emotions while glimpsing at the powerful and scenic visuals of Baluchistan which are the foundations of the movie.

Directed and written by the internationally acclaimed visual genius, Jami, Moor is set against the backdrop of the deliberately planned decline of the railways system of Pakistan, and is a story about the highly corrupt society and the change which each individual needs to make in a bid to overcome this issue as a whole.

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