Why Cheat Days are Important

Why Cheat Days are Important

Why Cheat Days are Important

Dieting has become the norm; we see everyone jumping on the “keep yourself fit bandwagon”. Everyone wants six pack abs and bulging biceps. It is not as easy as it sounds or looks for that matter. Looking at chiseled bodies that defy the laws of biology for being so perfect just makes you feel insecure and insufficient. You can imagine staring at yourself in the mirror thinking “Oh my lard”.

All you can see is disappointment personified. Then again let us not succumb to despair. We all try our best to reasonably stay in shape, at least not the GQ or Men’s Fashion magazine type but we all play our part. We try to eat healthy, go to the gym or sign up to 40 day challenges whenever we get the time. Life is hectic and allowing yourself to go to the gym just feels like a luxury you cannot afford.

Your ravenous appetite, spontaneous urges and bouts of fast food binge fests need to be controlled with cautionary restraint. Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in a utopian world where we could devour anything without control and yet not gain a single pound? For those of us who do manage to stay on track and have maintained a fit body or are reasonably fit, we need an occasional respite. A day to treat yourself. To let loose and allow yourself to drown in a sea on chicken nuggets or get swept away in waves of cheese. You get the picture right!

If only such a place existed, then again even the thought of it is diametrically opposed to the notion of going to the gym and staying in shape. Let us not take the conventional route of explaining what, how and when to eat healthy food. It is way more fun if we dive into ways of making your cheat days fun. What can be the best cheat day menu items you can gorge down without feeling guilty afterwards?

Let the countdown begin:

  1. No one can ever say no to PIZZA! Whichever shape and form it takes and from wherever you order, the larger and cheese drenched it is the better. Let us just mention the deep pan pizza from Sweet Tooth, only to make you salivate.
  2. The best and one of the tastiest treats to have is a large sized BEEF STEAK and one of the best places to get it from is GUN SMOKE without a doubt.
  3. KFC/McDonald’s and all Fast Food places count for the best cheat meals. Delicious and indulgent; what more can one ask for?
  4. No cheat day is complete without a much needed dose of confectionary delights. The irresistible allure of cheesecake, whether it is a blueberry, chocolate, nutella or just simple cheesecake. It sure is hard to resist. Masoom’s, Hot Spot and Kitchen Cuisine make one of the best cheesecakes in Lahore.
  5. Nando’s Chocolate Cake. No explanation needed!
  6. After a bout of dieting all you need is the heartiness of the best PuriParatha and Behari Kebab from BUNDU KHAN.The thought of parathas that melt in your mouth accentuated with the acrid bite of Behari Kebabs infused in a lusciously masala laden mash that is so heavenly that you feel you’ve transcended the physical realm. We all need to get high on the goodness of Behari Kebabs.
  7. Just the thought of Nehari can make your heart flutter with excitement. If happiness is synonymous with a word or a particular dish, Nehari it is then. Imagine having the most aromatically scintillating gravy which has a flavourful punch and a hint of chilli topped with beef that is so divine and tender that you question why you need to diet at all. All that is left is to sprinkle chards of ginger, diced green chillies and a splash of lemon to give you a robust tang of gingerly warmth. Just try MuhammadiNehari if you want a taste of heaven.
  8. We all need the heartiness and warmth of melted mozzarella cheese smothered over the most opalescent threads of pasta or luscious strips of lasagne. No cheat day can be complete without overdosing on a heavenly plate of Lasagna. The best options to try are from Café Zouk, Masoom’s and Cosa Nostra.
  9. We should just treat ourselves to the heavenly crispness of french fries. It is safe to say that OPTP Cheese & Mayo Fries encapsulate that. The tantalisingly crunchy bite, followed by the robust crispy texture made more lusciously decadent by the deluge of garlic mayo or generous dollops of cheese.  If this isn’t the description of heaven I don’t know what is.
  10. Ice Cream! Ice CREAM! ICE CREAM! From wherever you get it, it’ll be enough to satisfy your sugary urges. People are flocking to get a taste of Baskin Robbins and for the best local brand Lahorelicious Ice Cream is a must try!


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