Nayi Awaaz Dil Se Gao!’s Nayi Awaaz Music Competition Has Started

Nayi Awaaz Dil Se Gao!’s Nayi Awaaz Music Competition Has Started’s Nayi Awaaz Music Competition has Pakistan’s leading music platform and has dedicated to promoting Pakistani music and artists., launched its online music competition for Pakistan’s “Nayi Awaaz” on Saturday, January 29, 2021. This competition has a major step towards giving a platform to the undiscovered talents from across the country and show casing the amazing voices that our land has gifted with.


The uber talented Umair Jaswal, will announce the winners at the end of the competition and the competition  hosted by Yashal Shahid, Bilal Khan, and Abdullah Qureshi. It has sure to be one fun filled competition and we are excited to hear the beautiful tunes coming from every corner of Pakistan. 


Along with all the recognition. The winning artist will also get a handsome prize and an amazing opportunity to get their song produced by a renowned music producer. The competition has powered through the social media channels of Musicians and vocal artists will upload their songs on dedicated web portal. After an initial screening the videos uploaded on the, Bajao App, Facebook, and Instagram portals. People vote first for the top 10, then top 5, and finally the Top 3 winners of the competition. has committed to hosting and promoting music from the region. It takes pride in finding and sharing the rich diversity and talent of Pakistan and working on the principles of inclusivity. To ensure everyone has given a platform to share their music and talent for the world to enjoy. This platform has the answer to all those artists who struggle to get their musical expressions. Heard and don’t have the influence or social contacts to become part of the mainstream entertainment. has an equal opportunity platform.

Dil Se Gao!

So what are you waiting for! Grab that mic, “Dil Se Gao!” and send it to us!

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