FIA Cracks Down on Fake Nursing Scam in Saudi Arabia

FIA Cracks Down on Fake Nursing Scam in Saudi Arabia

Islamabad: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken swift action against a fake nursing scam in Saudi Arabia, arresting three suspects and lodging a case against the culprits.

According to reports, the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment requested the FIA to investigate and prosecute those involved in falsifying documents of Pakistani nurses and illegally sending them to Saudi Arabia.

*Sahu Manpower Overseas Employment Company Exposed*

The FIA’s Anti-Corruption Circle registered a case in Islamabad based on a complaint from the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC). The agency has sealed the office of Sahu Manpower Overseas Employment Company, which is accused of creating forged documents for 92 Pakistani women and sending them to Saudi Arabia on another company’s quota. The company allegedly received millions of rupees for their illegal services.

*Scam Uncovered*

The recruiter submitted the same verification report for multiple nurses, securing jobs for 350 nurses. However, 92 of them were deported from Saudi Arabia after working for a year. The Overseas Pakistani Employment Office has informed the government about the situation, stating that Pakistan’s reputation has been severely damaged in Saudi Arabia due to this scam.

*Government Urged to Take Action*

The Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment has urged the government of Pakistan and the FIA to take swift action against those involved in this illegal scam. The FIA’s prompt response is a positive step towards addressing this issue and preventing such scams in the future.

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